National Tourist Rally at Cherni Vrah Peak


Bulgarians are celebrating the 120th Anniversary of the Tourist movement in the country, and the 165th birth anniversary of the patriarch of Bulgarian literature Ivan Vazov. Along with Aleko Konstantinov, a famous Bulgarian writer and founder of the organized tourist movement in Bulgaria, Ivan Vazov is also a very important person for Bulgarian tourism and he’s very dear to all Bulgarian tourists.

The 120th anniversary of the Tourist movement in Bulgaria is an extraordinary event for the Bulgarian Tourist Union.

2015 marks exactly 120 years since the original "Call" of “Shtastlivetsa” (“the Lucky Man”, the nickname Aleko Konstantinov gave to himself in one of his short stories), where the famous Bulgarian tourist slogan "Get to know Bulgaria, to love it!" first appeared. Aleko Konstantinov said though that the phrase originated from Ivan Vazov’s travel notes.

After Aleko’s call, nearly 300 people participated in the first organized ascent of Cherni vrah Peak on August 27, 1895 and set "the glamorous beginning of Bulgarian tourism." The author openly criticized all Bulgarian intellectuals and particularly Sofianites for their lack of fondness for "our good nature, because they do not know anything about it."The Lucky Man”, usually an author with a particularly fluent pen, felt the need to express his rapture better, so he turned to Ivan Vazov for assistance.

Vazov wrote the poem "Cherni Vrah Peak" and in his travel notes repeatedly mentionеd the 1895 organized ascent that set the beginning of Bulgarian tourism and mountaineering.

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