International Folklore festival “Pleven sings and dances”


For the first year Pleven will become a center where far and unfamiliar cultures meet, where youth, talent and friendship are united by the love for musical folklore, folk songs and dances. The event will give many young people the chance to perform, increase their motivation to engage in constructive and creative activities, encourage creative information and cultural exchanges.

The festival „Pleven sings and dances“ will be held over three days – on the 4th, 5th and 6th September, 2015.

The International Folklore Festival „Pleven sings and dances“ is organized by the Northern Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances „Ivan Vulev“ with the assistance of Pleven municipality.

Dance ensembles for authentic folklore performing their national dances can take part in the competition festival; Amateur dance folklore ensembles from the twin towns of Pleven and one representative ensemble for each of the six ethnographic regions of Bulgaria can participate as well.

During the day, the outdoor performances will take place in the "Kaylaka"Park, "Storgozia" and "Druzhba"neighbourhoods and in the evenings - at „Vazrazhdane“ Square; the Panorama Mall;  „Ivan Radoev"Drama nad Puppet Theatre.




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