FOTOFABRIKA 2015 - Opening


“Fotofabrika” is an annual festival and THE current international platform for the highest examples of photojournalism and art photography. Come and visit us at the “One More Cinema” on September 9, at 20:00 – we’ll present the agenda, we’ll show you some of the photographs that you’ll be seeing in different places around Sofia and enjoy a glass of wine. We’ll be waiting for you.

“Fotofabrika”:  Facts & Fiction. Fable & Fantasy.  Shots from our Yesterday.  Memories of our Tomorrow.  Questions about our Today. No falseness. No filters. Why? ‘Cause we all shoot. Where? Anywhere. When? This time. Every year. How? By processing what’s happening through our very own perspective.

Fotofabrika 2015’s first event is "The Marginal man" exhibition featuring  Reuters ‘  footage and Getty Images.

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