Festival of traditional foods, crafts and livelihood "Culinary heritage of Thrace


The festival of traditional foods, crafts and livelihood "Culinary heritage of Thrace" will be held in September in Ivaylovgrad in the "Light Castle" Hotel. The festival will be held for a fourth year in a row, said the mayor Diana Ovcharova.

Craft corners and stands, demonstrations, organic products, traditional gourmet dishes unique to the region of Thrace and the national cuisines of Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey made on the spot and so many more. The festival is increasingly growing in popularity and over the past few years has expanded its reach to France, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Guest groups and chefs from those countries have prepared a variety of dishes.

Visitors can enjoy all the tastings. Last year, a week before the festival, all the hotels in Ivaylovgrad were fully booked.

Skillfully done “zelniks” (traditional Balkan leafy greens pie), yummy barbecues, and demonstrations of milk processing methods, various forms of butter churn, preparing “tarhana” and homemade red pepper paste – enjoy a tasty travel back in time with our grandparents’ traditional cuisine.

Source and photo:  New Life

Municipality of Ivaylovgrad, Cultural Agenda: Municipality of Ivailovgrad

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