Bulgarian Plum Festival


Bulgarian Plum Festival is a cultural event of Troyan Municipality which took place in 2011-2013 with the financial support of operational programme “Regional development” 2007-2013, co-financed by the EU .

The festival is an extension and new development of the famous “Holiday of plum and Troyan plum brandy” which, during the years of its existence, had popularity and fans among the local community and the guests of the town and the municipality.

It is traditionally held in the last week of September. It is related with the main means of living in the Troyan vicinity – cultivating plum crops, production of plum brandy and other plum products. The festival provides amateur art and craft development with the opportunity of expression and presents attractive demonstrations and rituals.

Its beginning is set in the National Exposition of Artistic Crafts in Oreshak village in 1993. From 1997 until now the holiday has been held both in Troyan and the National Exposition.

The festival allows for an established and accepted by the local community tradition to be further developed. It unites traditional means of living, crafts and art – a trademark of the Troyan region. It also provides an opportunity for education in the field of plum growing and saving the environment, and last but not least, it creates an attractive tourist destination and boosts the role of culture in enriching the life of the community.

This year, top master plum brandy makers will demonstrate some of their exceptional skills and there will be two competitions:"Best homemade plum brandy" and "Best Amateur Chef".

Enjoy the great music and lots of other surprises...


More info at: http://festivalnaslivata.com/ and  https://bg-bg.facebook.com/festivalnaslivata


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