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The second edition of the BALKAN FLAVORS EXPO is set to take place November 21 and 22, at the Grand Hotel Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria.


„BALKAN FLAVORS“  is a first-of-its-kind tourism exhibition, dedicated to the hospitality and great culinary heritage so typical of the Balkan Peninsula countries.


"BALKAN FLAVORS" is being organized by the Sofia branch of GoBalkans - the Balkan Association for Alternative Tourism, established in 2009 in Skopje, Macedonia. Currently, "GoBalkans" is among the most active NGOs in the field of alternative and sustainable tourism not only in Macedonia but in the whole Balkan region.


“Balkan flavors” aims at being recognized as the major channel for promoting high quality tourist attractions in the field of eno-gastronomy as a specific part of an integrated Balkan tourist offer; To contribute to the commercial development of local cultural heritage and traditions; biodiversity,  agriculture and food culture, while promoting the balance between man and nature; To bring together local entities offering culinary tourist attractions with representatives of the real world of business and to ensure international recognition of exhibitors by promoting their products.


The event is following the latest tourism demand trends that are more strongly oriented towards the need of deep knowledge of the destination- the desire to explore places but from their unique and authentic perspective, through their historical and cultural heritage, while getting to know the inhabitants and how they now recreate all that in their food and drinks...


Events during the expo:

  • Bilateral business meetings (workshops);
  • Presentation of an expert opinion on the main characteristics of the eno-gastronomy touristic product;
  • Presentation of an expert opinion on marketing strategy in the eno-gastronomy touristic sector;
  • Meetings with Decision makers from the public sector;
  • Lessons on regional cooking;
  • Presentation and tasting of typical regional products;

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