Our Activities

NTC BG Guide is a qualified partner for companies/organisations/institutions with high tourism development potential to provide these services and offer them support in the development of tourism packages, product and market positions, innovative technological support, facilitating the collaboration between SMEs in the tourism field. NTC has developed and launched a new web-based interactive tourism tool ( "Favourite Audience Website", Bulgarian Webawards 2015) to support the competitive growth of businesses through innovation.


More specifically, our services to SMEs are the following:

  • Innovative marketing strategy for promotion of a joint cluster brand name “The Bulgarian Guide” – a strong trade mark, interactive web-platform, comprehensive advertising campaigns locally and internationally, etc.
  • Marketing studies and analyses – analysis of the business environment for potential market of tourism services and packages
  • Human resources development and capacity building – for quality improvement of the tourism services offered by its members, for integrated services promotion, online-marketing, destination management, etc. Organization of trainings, workshops, festivals. For more information about the organized Regional tourism conferences "Days of Geotourism" 2014, refer to
  • R&D in the  field of tourism;
  • Consulting services – sales increasing through strong Internet presence, increasing the efficiency of services provided, reducing the environmental “footprint”, etc.;
  • Internship and volunteering programmes– NTC provides training of young internees/potential entrepreneurs aiming to strengthen their skills and knowledge in the field tourism, marketing and other related to the tourism field industries.